Avery Agricultural and Horticultural Fair

                            Avery A & H Fair is a family oriented mountain fair known for friendliness and preservation
                                    of the mountain heritage that has long been a part of the high country."

The 2013 theme is Wallerin' and Hollerin' at the Avery County Fair.  Once again there will be Lawnmower Racing, Pig Wrestling, Chainsaw Competition, Coon Dog Field Trials, Mud Bogging, Corn Hole Games, Heritage Displays and Demonstrations, Beauty Pageant and Talent Show.

Wallerin and Hollerin at the Avery County Fair

Check us out on www.facebook.com/AveryAHFair?fref=ts.  Check out other pages on this website for information, forms, and pictures from the Avery Agricultural and Horticultural Fair. 

Thank you for your interest and support of the Avery County Fair.

Avery County Fair Board 

Board of Directors
Jerry Moody, President                                                                                     

        Bob Johnson, Vice President
        Penni Hicks, Vice President                                                                              
        Darlene Carpenter, Secretary     
        B.J. Beutell, Treasurer


        Aneda Johnson, Lisa Daniels, Shawn Hoilman, Jerry Jones, Becky Buchanan, Frank Catalano, Deb Smith, Hardrock Stamey

FFA Representative

Paige Johnson


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